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Elisa & David

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Thank you for visiting our site and for considering us.  We know this is not an easy choice to make and want you to know that whatever your decision, we wish nothing but love and the best for you.  Though it is not easy to decide a future based on a few words and pictures, we hope that it shows a glimpse of our lives, happiness, love, families, vision of raising a family and Aloha Spirit.  We hope to be able to support each other in our journeys that start with a love for a child.

From our hearts to yours

Thank you!


Elisa & David met at Salsa class in Hawaii.  We were both late to class, quickly put on our dancing shoes, rushed to the floor to partner for class, then both looked up to see each other.  Since that class, we have been inseparable partners ever since.  We were married shortly after we moved to Texas in an intimate ceremony at our home surrounded by friends and family.  Although we have had a blast as a married couple, we hope to grow our love with a family.

Music & Dancing is a big part of our lives and we hope to share that with our family.  With salsa, island reggae, country, R&B and pop always playing in our house - we hope that our growing family will always have the urge to wiggle and smile a little when we hear music!

Family Values

We will tell them that families are created by love in many ways – with the most special by a love so great -that it cannot be contained by just one family.  We would let them know that their adoption was made with their future, health, and happiness in mind – and about your selfless and courageous love.

It has been both of our lifelong dreams to raise a family – to share our love with a child.  We promise to continue your love by raising them with unconditional kindness, understanding, love and to provide them with life long support and patience.  We hope to be role models in loving others, just as we have been blessed with love by so many.  We promise to remind them of your love that never ended, as ours never will either.

We believe faith is a critical part in providing a moral compass for our family. Most important is Love and Kindness to one another.  We hope to raise our family with this fundamental belief and participating in service to not only our communities but to the world.

We believe in a balanced life style.  This means doing well in studies, but also making time for sports, music, friends and, of course, family.  We will promote a well-rounded balanced life filled with positivity.

As athletic parents (one being a pediatric health professional), we plan to promote learning through movements to develop and strengthen the mind, body and soul.  We hope to involve our family in daily activities, being outdoors and interacting with one another as often as possible.  Although we may have family movie or game nights, we prefer to spend less time on the phone and television and more time outside in our beautiful yard or with their playmates – including Kona.  We hope to nurture their fun side by building forts, painting or playing make believe; Challenge their minds with fun puzzles; and Open their imagination during story time.

Education has played a large part of not only our lives but our families’ as well.  With the exception of 2, all our siblings have graduated from college and the older nieces and nephews attend college as well. We hope to continue that tradition with our family.  We will nurture their curiosity in all things and guide them towards a bright future that they choose.  They can be anything they want to be – but we will reinforce that it comes with hard work, perseverance and loving support.

Although we are successful in our careers and are able provide a financially stable home – we believe that life experiences & the simple things are the most rewarding.  Money cannot replace joyous and loving moments.


Elisa is a nurturer to all.  As an older sister, she was always involved in caring for her younger siblings, helping her mom with feeding and diaper changes.  At the age of 12, she got her first job babysitting 4 kids from age 2 to 9 for 9-hours on the weekends.  She continued babysitting through college and graduate school because of her love for children.  Through church and hula, she enjoys teaching children in dance classes.

As a mother, Elisa hopes to be able to share her love of dancing, music and sports.  She is patient and loves wholeheartedly.  She always devotes 100% of herself, striving to be the best that she can be, at whatever new challenge she takes on in life.

Some of my favorite things

  • Volleyball
  • Music/Dancing
  • Disney Movies "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?..."
  • Working with Babies
  • Hula
  • Yoga
  • Being on a beach, in the warm sun


If Curious George could talk, have maroon fur, love fishing, gadgets, cars and music – that would be David.

David has always wanted a large family of his own and is excited to be a loving dad who takes his family on fishing/camping trips, teach them about cars and fixing thing, playing in yard – and of course being a great math and Science Tutor.

David has always been an explorer from a young age and has a sense of adventure that will be shared as a family.

With so many diverse friends, he strongly believes in the concept of unity through diversity – where respect, understanding and service influences how he treats everyone.

Some of my favorite things

  • Fishing
  • Sneakers
  • BBQ
  • Music/Dancing
  • Cars
  • Texas A&M Football
  • Transformers/Star Wars
  • Multiculturalism


Kona is one of the highlights in our family.  Always happy when we come home, quick to steal kisses every chance he gets, sit in on zoom calls and always ready to play.  He LOVES people and knows when it is time to walk over to “Uncle Chicken’s” house to get his chicken jerky treats, as well as the first one at the door when his cousins arrive to visit. He enjoys playing fetch, solving puzzles, sun bathing in the mornings, and snuggling next to us for warm naps. 

Some of my favorite things

  • Any toy with a squeaker
  • Naps in the sun
  • Treats - I will do ANYTHING for a treat. Did someone say treat?
  • Family visits
  • Solving Puzzles


Both of our childhood experiences has influenced how much we value family and why we believe in the aloha ohana life.  

Elisa grew up in a multicultural family, with memories of traveling to Japan to spend time with her father’s family and amazing holidays spent with her mother’s Italian side filled with delicious food and laughter.

David has a very large family consisting of 5 sisters, 2 brothers with a total of 11 nieces & nephews – all awaiting another cousin. Frequent family gatherings revolve around amazing meals where we catch up, kids (and David) play, and memories are made.

Of course this made a perfect match for both of our families and we remain in close contact with both sides on a daily- if not weekly – basis.  With a large multicultural family, we hope to offer a future addition a loving, diverse and comfortable environment. 

Our favorite things about our family

  • Amazing food at every family gathering
  • Family games and light hearted jokes
  • We vacation together
  • No matter what, we always take care of one another.
  • We are our biggest supporters in education, careers and happiness

Get to know us better

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-Until then – 

Sending you Positive Vibes and Aloha!